This is my IT Python: Blog page for Data Base Topic 3 &4 webpage Homepage.

This page is my Homepage for class assignments. I am a full time student, an small shop owner on for handmade items and my mini rabbitry and aviary as a side job.

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Betty’s first litter at four weeks and half weeks old. Betty is the black hariquin, the dark grey is a double mane blue otter, the brother next to him is a broken blue otter, the black and white is their other broken black otter double mane and; Betty’s only daughter is the black otter. These are the first generation of the mini lion lop family to the mini rabbitry and aviary.
Alvin he is a lion head broken black otter. Alvin is the father to the litter listed above. He is full lion head gene line. From my beginning experience so far, his gene line is dominate to the gene line of all off spring and some recessive genes like the medium to long coat length came from him being the sire. Where as Betty had less dominate gene line but the recessive gene line was the coat texture of being super fluffy soft. It is quite possible that the double maned kits came from either one of the parents or both of these guys had grand parents that were carriers of double manes instead of short coat lengths.
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